Temple - History

Temple is situated in Thennampakkam, Cuddalore district, Tamil nadu in India. 

Arul vakya came through a saint for constructing a temple in the village Thennampakkam, in which the lord ordered Mrs. Selvambhigai Nachiyar to construct temple for him so that people could locate him and get blessed, and be protected from the snake of time.

Out of astound astonishment, the lady Mrs. Selvambhigai went and saw the horoscope Augustiyar naadi in Cuddalore.  All the details given in the Augustiyar naadi were deciphered. Following which the destined lady went and met Sitharam swami through his devotee regarding the temple construction. As soon as she met him, he said  "I already saw you coming to me for constructing the lords temple in my vision".

Then Bhagwan Sitharam swami called Mrs. Selvambhigai for Thiruvona deepa arul vakya, in which the lord told her to go and see her previous birth history in following naadis: Thirmullar naadi, Augustiyar naadi, Biruhu naadi, Vasista naadi, Bohar naadi. In these naadis, the previous birth history has come. Then the temple got constructed in the year of 1996.

The Samproshanam (Kumbabishegam) performed by Bhagwan Sithram Swami and Mangalashasanam by Shrimath Aandavan Sami...